by Eikonos

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Eikonos is one of those hard to define musical entities that doesn't come along all that often. On the surface it might sound like IDM or drum'n'bass, but those are just what you find when scratching the surface of this avant-garde project.

The debut album moves in a multitude of directions, but feels consistent even though the songs vary to a greater or sometimes lesser degree. 'Eikonoklastes', Eikonos' debut album, might sound cheerful and downright upbeat to an untrained ear, but there's a darkness beneath the surface. What may seem like a spiky, almost chaotic soundscape at times can hold a disturbing undercurrent of melancholy that balances the darkness with the light, bringing a sense of foreboding order to the swirling vortex of unchecked creativity that can potentially confuse a listener who has never encountered anything quite as unique as Eikonos before.

In some ways this album has a retro-feel to it, harkening back to the early days of video gaming, while at the same time showing an almost futuristic utopia, one that starts to crumble within a matter of minutes before turning into a dystopia. The balance is maintained throughout the album and while some tracks might be a bit 'out there' to some, the rewards come to those with an open mind and above all a love for music and creativity. In summary; If you're looking for something truly unique that challenges your perceptions and shows you the true scope of what music can be when taken into strange new territories then 'Eikonoklastes' should be right up your alley!

-Johnny Marklund, Beyond the Wall of Sleep

This is the debut album of Eikonos. It was written, recorded mixed and mastered from february to april 2017.


released June 16, 2017

Music: Eikonos
Mixing & mastering: Eikonos

Thanks to:
Luzifer, AmSoDamn, Chuggy, NNY,



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Eikonos Skellefteå, Sweden

When I can bear it, I try to look ahead… but all horizons are equally galling… sometimes I think I’m going crazy… sometimes I’m my own imaginary friend…

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